Collegiate Mentorship Program

About Us

With university-level experts in all subjects and our global education team, Tuding gives students a pathway to advance their research and academic acumen and while also bringing them closer to the next step in their educational journey

Our Leadership Team

Tuding integrates experts in all academic fields with our dedicated education and technology team to provide students a profound research and learning opportunity.

Our Mission and Values

We recognize that all students have the potential to excel academically and boost their employability in the future. All they need is an opportunity to work with a field expert and be connected with the right professors! Tuding attaches importance to the voices of parents and students to meet their different academic needs, and we combine it with our customized expertise to present students with an authentic experience that they can put on their portfolios.

Why Choose Tuding Mentorship program?

We are a group of highly dedicated individuals who equip students with the tools and resources they need to succeed not only in university admissions, but also in their future university programs and employment. With our global network of over 110 professors, lecturers, and postdoctoral researchers, as well as our nexus of education leaders and research databases, our program ensures that students receive the best possible academic guidance.

Our Leadership Team

David Schuessler

Co-Founder & CEO

MA, Computing in Education, Columbia University
MBA, MIT - Fudan University
BS, Marketing, Florida State University

David is a scholar committed to bringing top quality education services to the Asia market. He holds master's degrees from Columbia University and Fudan University's MIT Collaborative MBA program. David has served as a lecturer at Marshall University and since 2013, he has been a leader in the Chinese education industry.

Ulrik Blom

Co-Founder, CEO of Tutee

Cert, MIT Sloan School of Business Cert, Harvard Business School
MSc, Business Development, Aalborg University

Ulrik is an accomplished leader in the fields of education technology and international education. He  is the CEO of Tutee ApS, the global provider in interactive communication systems for tutoring and online learning.

Mark Asboe

Co-Founder & CTO

M.Sc, User-Centered Design, University of Southern Denmark
BA, Anthropology & IT/Organization, Aarhus University

Mark is a business anthropologist with high competency in business development, strategic approach, project management, talent acquisition, user experience, and information technology.

Danielle Joy

Director of Education

PhD Candidate, Public Administration, Shanghai Jiaotong University
MPA, Public Administration, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Danielle, a former international admissions officer, is passionate about assisting students in achieving their higher-education goals through acquiring experience and enhancing their portfolios, particularly through publishing their work online.

Kevin Zhu

Business Development Manager

Kevin has a strong interest in education and has worked in the online education field for the past six years. Having earned a Business Management degree, he is currently in charge of sales and partnership developments.

Raschelle Lang

Marketing Manager

MSc, Computer Science with Data Analytics, University of York (end-2022)
BA (Honors), Retail Marketing, University of Stirling

Raschelle has worked in marketing for a number of years and is experienced with content creation and management, marketing research and analytics, and SEO.

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