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Tuding FAQ

Based on the student’s chosen topic major, a mentor is assigned to them. For each student, we choose the most ideal mentor with the closest subject background. 1-on-1 mentorship is the most successful form of guidance for students, as it ensures mentor gives 100% attention and commitment. Our team first suggests 2-3 mentor recommendations from which the student and family can choose from.

If a student’s schedule is full, he or she may consider to re-arrange some classes. However, we advise students to complete the program within the allotted time to guarantee that courses are held without too many disruptions, which could stifle the project’s development.

To get the most out of the program, students are asked to devote their time. He or she must be open to constructive feedback in order to improve research work and to attend classes on time as agreed with the mentor. Out of respect for your mentor’s time, students are required to submit at least 24-hours written notice for any class cancellations.

Students can expect to spend 1 hour each week with the mentor, plus an average of 2-5 hours per week working on the project.  Each student’s time spent varies and is largely determined by your personal discipline and dedication to the program.

During and after the first session, the mentor is expected to define the goals and objectives of the program that is most suitable for the student. Mentor will engage student in a one-hour weekly video chat session. Outside of the video chat sessions, mentor will provide further guidance over email.

At the conclusion of the program, students will have completed a valuable research project that will enhance the value of their portfolios. Furthermore, student’s research work, typically in the form of a written research paper or a software prototype, can be used for additional academic purposes in the future. Under the mentor’s discretion and dependent upon student’s performance, he/she can earn a letter of recommendation at the end of the program. The mentor will also provide a midpoint and final review of the student.

During the first session, the mentor and student jointly decide on the mentorship plan based on the students’ interests, capabilities, goals, and ideas, as well as the mentor’s knowledge and current research areas.

Mentors must like interacting with students and be dedicated to assisting them in achieving their program objectives. All of our mentors  are now lecturing at reputable universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. At these highly selective institutions, our mentors work as professors, researchers, or lecturers. Their knowledge is derived from a variety of sources, including years of teaching experience and professional working experience, and they all provide high-quality guidance to the students.

Our mentors have a working schedule which allows them to plan their hours effectively. Tuding puts a limit to the number of students each mentor can work with to ensure the mentors are not overworked. Mentors in the more popular subjects have their slots filled up quickly, so students should commit to the program as soon as possible to guarantee the mentor’s availability.

Mentorship Program and its University Admission Value

  • Our mentorship program offers students the chance to develop their learning and growth in ways that are not achievable in the traditional school setting.
  • Students will rank higher in university applications
  • Students will get the opportunity to work with and network with distinguished academics. The program will be a true learning experience.
  • Students learn about current research efforts and trends around the world.
  • Students will learn how to put the theoretical topics they’ve learned into practice.
  • Students get the opportunity to be taught in the ways professors teach abroad in selective universities.
  • Students can request a reference letter from the mentor upon concluding the program.
  • After the final evaluation and written component are submitted, a certificate from Tuding can be arranged (as per discussion)
  • Assuring university admissions officers that the student can excel in a demanding, prestigious university learning environment.
  • With a tangible activity to list in the portfolio, the Mentorship Program will set the student apart from the rest of the competition
  • Student accomplished an activity on their University Common Application Activities List, which is worthy of prioritization.

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