Collegiate Mentorship Program

How to Apply

You can work 1-on-1 with a selective university professor, scholar, researcher, or business leader through the Tuding Mentorship Program!

Our program allows students to broaden and apply their knowledge of a subject in ways that are not possible in traditional school settings. We have more than 110 professors, scholars, researchers and business leaders from selective universities such as Yale, Cambridge, Columbia, and Oxford, working with us to provide an authentic experience for our students. 

To ensure students are a good fit for this program, Tuding carefully selects students who are high achievers from our applicant pool based on previous accomplishments as well as an analysis of applicant project ideas as outlined in the application essay. In a nutshell, applicants will be selected based on the following criteria.

Application criteria:

  • Academic achievement
  • Extracurricular activities that strengthen the applicant’s Mentorship subject strength
  • The applicant’s Mentorship project plan is extensive and detailed.
  • Ability to manage the time commitment required by this program
  • Ability to communicate

Application Steps:

  • Send your application, as well as your completed application essay
  • An email notification for an interview will be sent out by Tuding admissions representative
  • Attend the interview via Skype or Zoom.
  • Receive an email with your admissions decision and mentor recommendations

Apply for Mentorship

If you have any questions or would like us to contact you, please connect with us through the live chat or fill out the form below.