Participating in extracurricular activities from home

Participating in extracurricular activities from home

Affected by novel virus COVID-19, certain schools and educational institutions, as well as other public events, have now moved online. For students applying to international schools, they are still encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to enrich their application materials. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to work and learn online. Students can now easily arrange their own studies and internship activities through communication devices such as computers, mobile phones, and iPads.

Remote internships bring convenience especially during these unusual times. In this article, we will discuss the ways to search for an opportunity.

Demonstrate your qualities with online extracurricular activities

Students worry that their participation in online internships from home may not be as valuable as traditional extracurricular activities. Although Universities value teamwork a lot, they are understanding towards students during these unusual times.

As long as students continue to participate in activities that are able to demonstrate dedication, academic skills, and leadership in any activity, students will still be in a good position to apply to selective universities.

Moving Extracurricular Activities to Home

For some students who are not able to attend schools and are staying home, that does not mean life should stop. Extracurricular activities can continue in many ways!

  • Organize virtual events
    One of the best things about engaging in extracurricular activities is to bond with your friends and teammates. Moving events online does not mean any less! You can continue to stay in touch them via Zoom or Skype, and organize fundraisers online in support of a charity of your choice. Demonstrate your leadership skills!
  • Focus on the next step
    Certain events such as sports tournaments and musicals are difficult to be moved online or some are scheduled to be cancelled. But please do not despair. If you are one of these affected members, you can work towards focusing on the next semester or the next year. Work on a plan with your teammates how best to strategize the next competition as a team. This is also a good time to complete any administration tasks the team may have dragged on for very long.
  • Focus on yourself too
    If you are in a team-based extracurricular activity that requires practicing as a team, you can choose to practice on your own instead. Head to a field and practice your football skills or have your family member do it with you! The key is focusing on yourself and make yourself a strong opponent. Take part in online research program to strengthen your academic results or work on a research project with distinguished professors. These can be added to your application resume and make yourself stand out from the pool of competitors!

Finding remote extracurricular activities

  • Marketing Internship
    With many businesses moving online during this period, there is a surge in social media usage. You can search for remote marketing positions in sales or social media management. These are tasks that can be completed through remote operations and become a good way for you to get involved in the business.
  • IT-related Internship
    There are more and more freelance software developers in this digital age. If you have sufficient coding skills, there are plenty of positions that allow you to put your skills into practice. Develop an app, build a website!
  • NGO Internship
    Way before COVID-19, many NGOs have been offering remote internship opportunities. Remote internships are attractive to NGOs because a lot of them do not have the budget to pay an intern. Working remotely may enable these NGOs to have a larger access to students from over the world, and not having to go to an office may also seem appealing to the students.
  • Writing-based Internship
    An internship centered on writing is an ideal choice to complete at home, because you can write during your free time. Any company that needs to publish newsletters or articles, such as blogs and magazines, can provide writing internship opportunities. But it should be noted that these internships are very popular among students and there is always a great demand.

How do you excel at remote activities?

  • Focus on quantifiable results
    This proves that your online internship or extracurricular activities is not only a hobby, but also a practical result that can be added to your application resume. It can be a specific project you have participated in, a contribution you have made to the company, or you can participate in a competition to prove that you are committed and you are good at what you do.
  • Do your investigation
    Remote internships and extracurricular activities have become very popular in the past few years. Unfortunately, this has led to the emergence of some less than ideal options. Before confirming the internship, be sure to check on the company’s profile, whether it is something that meets your needs as a student? All in all, gather enough information to make a clear decision!
  • Have a mentor for guidance
    Universities like students who have plans for the future, especially those who have relevant experience before enrolling. These students often have guided experience, have participated in research projects, have a preliminary understanding in the major they are applying. Take this time and work with a trusted mentor to improve on your research skill and deep dive into your field of interest!

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