What can you expect in the student dormitory life?

What can you expect in the student dormitory life?

Leaving your home for the first time and moving across states to live the student dormitory life may be something you’ve imagined for a while. You think that talking all night long with your friends, no restrictions from your parents, wild parties and eating junk food will become the new norm. It goes without saying that college can be a wonderful and crazy period, especially if you live in a student dormitory. But other than the obvious fun, there are some other surprising things about the dormitory life that you may not have thought of yet.

Privacy becomes secondary

Dormitory life is very open, because you are always surrounded by people. This means that everyone knows where you come and go. Life in the dormitory is like living in a fish tank. Whether you like it or not, even if you try not to interact with people. Privacy in universities is a bit difficult to achieve. If you are a person who values ​​privacy, you may feel a little exposed when you are in the dormitory. However, there is a benefit. College is a good time to build friendships that last a lifetime. The close-knitted friendships that you will establish may involve the people you share the dorm space with. So try to be more open-minded and accept that your life may no longer be as private as it was at home.

Sharing is vital

Learn to share. If you order a big pizza in the university, six or seven people will somehow appear and crowd around you asking to take a slice. Students like free things. Humans like to be included in activities and sharing will tend to open up more friendships. If your dorm mate has lost a sweater and winter is approaching, offer to lend one to your mate while he gets a new one. Sharing forges bonds and next time if you need help, they will be there to return the favour. As college dormitories are akin to a public community, be prepared to share personal belongings.

Expect the unexpected

Your dorm life will be full of unexpected moments every day. Maybe your roommate suddenly dances while you are doing homework, or maybe you want to go to the toilet but find that the toilet is occupied. You may be in a good deep sleep and the fire alarm suddenly goes off because someone in your block has burnt his pancakes. All in all, university life is unpredictable, and anything that is otherwise impossible has a chance of happening. So, if you are a person who likes predictability and consistency, dorm life may be a bit difficult for you. Nevertheless, as long as you shrug and learn to accept the element of surprise, you will get used to it.

Can’t get along?

The negative side of dormitory life may involve messy and dirty roommates. If you are a person who loves cleanliness, while your roommate does not pick up after himself, both of you may be in for constant argument. Dishes may pile up the sink, toilet may reek of bad smell, the common space may be filled with clothes sprawling all over. In case you and your roommate cannot reach a consensus on cleaning and tidying up, the dormitory will turn into a garbage dump. If you feel frustrated about this, actively communicate and mediate. If it is not possible, seek a solution from the school and you may be able to change your dorm room.

Create memories that will last

The experiences you have living in the dormitory may be some of the most memorable moments in your young adulthood. We have all heard stories of someone meeting their best friend or future spouse in college. You will also leave memories that you will cherish forever. Your dormitory is the place where you go to the party for the first time, and it is the place where you study late at night. Here, your own idea of ​​knowing the world will be challenged. Here, you will meet all kinds of people. You will find that everything determined in life is no longer as black and white as it was at the beginning. In other words, your view of yourself and reality will change and develop in the university, and a large part of it will be attributed to your life experience in the dormitory.

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