Hamesh Narzary

Hamesh Narzary

Hamesh Narzary

Residence: Tamil Nadu, India
School: SRM University
Intended major: Computer science
Age during program: Master’s degree applicant

Hamesh recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He is interested in learning and enhancing his skill sets by researching the different applications in Machine Learning and AI. He enjoys the complexity of programming and wishes to pursue a Master’s Degree.

What challenges did he face?

  • To apply for his chosen master’s program in the United States, Hamesh needed a stronger portfolio to compete with the rest of the applicants.

Matched professor:

He is a Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Cisco’s CCNP, CCNA, and ITE Instructor Trainer are among the qualifications he earned in education, networking, and IT.

How did our program help him?

  • Hamesh developed a better understanding of machine learning’s convolutional neural networks at the master’s level.
  • His dedication to this program has gained him the respect of his mentor, as well as recommendation letters for his master’s application.

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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