Hanita Palanichamy

Hanita Palanichamy

Hanita Palanichamy

Residence: Tiruchirappalli, India
School: International High School
Intended major: Computer science
Age during program: Grade 10

Hanita, who is in the top 5% of her class, is interested in using healthcare and the uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leanring. She is a member of the student council and recently received the award for outstanding academic achievement for her school results. She has certifications in both game creation and app development.

What challenges did she face?

  • Hanita is new to the Python programming language. Her goal in this program, though, is to work on a software project. She put in a lot of effort and had some difficulties getting her app coding to work properly.

Matched professor:

He is a Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Cisco’s CCNP, CCNA, and ITE Instructor Trainer are among the qualifications he earned in education, networking, and IT.

How did our program help her?

  • She studied and used several machine learning algorithms, such as K-means clustering, in Python.
  • She learned how to create a decision-making flowchart and to map out all of the possible outcomes. She also learned how to design apps using Figma. Hanita was able to design an app with the help of additional coding training.

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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