US colleges are hard. How can I graduate successfully?

US colleges are hard. How can I graduate successfully?

It’s the graduation period for Chinese students every year in May and June. Whether these students are continuing their studies or entering the society for work, they will inevitably face some issues when it comes to graduating. Although Chinese college entrance examination is cruel and grim, the overall graduation rate of Chinese college students is still very high. According to statistics online, Chinese universities have a graduation rate of not less than 97%. Even Fudan University, which has the highest dropout rate in China, has no more than 12% dropout students. In contrast, the graduation rate of students in US colleges is considered low. So perhaps, admitting into a US university is not too difficult, but it can be really difficult to graduate successfully without any obstacles.

1. Graduation criteria for US universities

According to a study done by Harvard Graduate School of Education, the rate of graduation within six years for a 4-year US university stands at 60%, 57% in public universities, 66% in private non-profit universities, and only 32% in private profitable universities. According to the 2013 American Ivy League School published data, the dropout rate of Chinese students entering 14 prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Colombia is 25%.

It is important to know that Chinese students entering  universities in the United States are all Chinese high school students, who generally possess symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition to the stringent requirements of US universities, Chinese education back in China further hinders the process due to the lack of overall academic and social development for students. The differences in US and Chinese learning and teaching style often result in an incompatibility with the US education system, which focuses on analyzing and logical thinking. Such differences are often unbearable for Chinese students.

US universities require all students to achieve a GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate. In addition to personal reasons, other problems such as plagiarism, copyright infringement, cheating in exams, hiring essay writing services, violation of law, etc, often cause the students to be expelled from school.

2. Points to consider before applying

First of all, it’s best to make a list of interests and goals, and to choose the right university based on these points. It is very important to do some research and to compare between universities based on their credits, professional courses and graduating requirements.

In addition, the university surrounding, environment and security should also be taken into consideration. This is to ensure students will not be affected by any external environment factors.

If students feel lost in the admission process and confused with the pool of university choices, they should also find the opportunity to speak to a professor or engage with an admission consultant.

3. How can you graduate successfully

Working with an admission consultant not only ensure students are able to apply to university without hiccups, the consultant also helps students adapt into the local culture and university smoothly.

Of course, even with the help of an admission consultant, it is vital students take the necessary actions to work towards their graduation goals. Good time management skills is important to ensure students execute their plans in a timely and orderly manner to prevent any chaotic last minute study rush.

While ensuring the efficiency of learning and handling assignments, it can improve your self confidence and personal image in front of classmates. There is a need to have an open mind to accept new things and ideas, so that students can broaden their horizons in a foreign place. It is also important to note that arts and sports activities also play a part in the US education system.

Keeping these factors in mind, it is not difficult to get good grades in school.

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