Why should a 9th Grader start practicing essay writing?

Why should a 9th Grader start practicing essay writing?

Regardless of a student’s preference, essay writing is a fundamental skill to have. Writing is an indispensable part of a student’s life through high school and beyond. And now, how should you help your child practice and master the art of writing?

Writing is an important part of the education process

First of all, writing occupies most of the primary school language examinations. At this stage however, the writing requirements are low, and students are only required to to write in the style of storytelling or argumentative. As students advance to a higher level, academic writing difficulty gets higher with time. 

In high school, not only does essay writing requires the story to be coherent, it also requires students to use accurate words and to display a good flow. During high school, students’ time is split between writing and many other subjects, and many of them eventually give up writing as they do not have the time to cope with it.

High school students are expected to engage in classroom learning, write a large number of papers, complete the tutor’s assigned tasks and also to focus on their examination preparations. 

However, due to the lack of writing skills, many students have problems completing these tasks. Therefore, it is important to start practicing writing skills from junior high school stage.

Writing helps international student move on to the next level

Under globalization, more and more students are choosing to study abroad, hoping to improve their horizons and insights by touching different cultures.

When it comes to university application, writing can become a burden for some. We all know part of the components of SAT includes writing and language. When students choose to complete a SAT essay (or ACT writing), they need to learn to write a structured, logical and rigorous essay. Through writing exercises, students can quickly brainstorm and conceptualize their ideas, increase their writing experience, and improve their logical thinking.

In addition, students who can write well not only better their SAT/ACT scores, they are also more ready to express their strengths and ideas when writing their university application materials. 

Writing as a port of creativity

Writing is an important way of expressing yourself. Adolescent anxiety and depression is nothing new, but helping them write their feelings on paper is helpful in relieving stress. In response to this situation, teachers do not need to limit the writing format to formal papers. Notes, creative writing and blogs can also be used as a good way to write. The focus is on releasing the feelings and emotions of students.

Amongst the students, there are also the talented ones who are passionate about writing and expressing their opinions freely about the society. We should provide this group of students with creative writing opportunities and recommend suitable academic writing programs to enhance their writing skills.

“Write” in order to prepare for the future

In today’s society, almost every profession needs writing. Even if students do not plan to enter the humanities field, they still need strong writing skills to complete the tasks of e-mail, reports, etc. for daily work. If students wish to work in the humanities field, then it is even more vital they practise essay writing more.

Writing is one of the most important skills in a child’s life. Which is why your child has the need to master these skills now. Encourage your child to write more. In addition to formal essay writing, informal writing is also a stepping stone to help students hone and improve their writing skills!

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